First Year

1st Semester
Christian Foundations
The Doctrine of the Scriptures
Living by Faith
The Doctrine of Salvation
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

2nd Semester
Christian Roots I.
Prayer and Worship
How to Save a Soul
The Family of God (Church)
Prosperity and Giving

Second Year

3rd Semester
Victorious Living
How to Increase Your Faith
The Power of Hope
The Founders I. – Luther
The Great Commandment

4th Semester
Christian Roots II.
Tongues of Fire
The Doctrine of Healing
The New Creation
The Book of First Peter

Third Year

5th Semester
The Word of Faith
The Life of Christ
The Spiritual Man
The Prayer Life
The Doctrine of Man

6th Semestre
The Gifts of the Spirit
The Book of Romans
The Great Feasts of Israel
Abraham – Friend of God

Fourth Year

7th Semester
The Servant of God
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Fruit of the Spirit
The Temple of the Lord
Waiting on God

8th Semester
The Doctrine of the Church
The Lord’s Table
Special Services
The Minister of God
The Good Shepherd